Prizren Tour (One Day)  

Prizren, situated in the south of Kosovo, is a beautiful and one of the oldest towns in Kosovo, known for its ancient history, the rich cultural and religious heritage, traditional handicraft shops, variety of festivals, film, music, art etc. It is the most multiethnic, multi religious and multicultural city of Kosovo. Prizren walking tour includes: Visit to the old part of the town – Shadervan, Stone Bridge (dating from 16 century), Sinan Pasha Mosque, Catholic Cathedral, Orthodox Monastery – Lady of Levis, Hamam (Turkish public bath), Albanian League of Prizren (the most famous and visited historical museum), Archaeological Museum, Castle of Prizren, and Workshop of Silversmith Filigree – handicrafts. Also, if you are a short film fan and want to enjoy an exclusive cinematic experience, you should visit Prizren in August, for a week long- international short film festival happening throughout the town.

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